February 2023

woman getting a check up

The Top 3 Benefits of Routine Health Exams

Comprehensive health exams can provide early detection of diseases and preventative care for long-term well-being.  During an exam, vital signs and heart, lung, eye, and ear health are checked.  Regular exams allow doctors to proactively identify any potential issues before they become

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Got Your Tooth Knocked Out? What Steps to Take

Five million teeth are knocked out yearly due to physical trauma or accidents. There is an 80% chance of successfully reattaching a permanent adult tooth if action is taken within two hours of it being knocked out. Recovering the tooth immediately is critical, and

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a person gardening

Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Garden

• Gardening has become popular during the pandemic, providing a great way to pass the time and reduce stress. • Having a garden in your home has many benefits, such as saving money on groceries, fighting climate change, connecting with nature, and

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couple holding hands

5 Practical Ways You Can Find Love Again

Reassess your priorities and values when looking for a partner. Expand your horizons by joining classes, clubs, interest groups, or forums. Network in new circles to increase chances of meeting someone special. Take time to connect with yourself to understand better what

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