Art & Composition

Three Most-Watched Movies of All Time

Movies are made every year. It’s one of the most widely produced forms of entertainment, especially in the United States. It’s estimated that the United States and Canada had about 600 to 700 movies yearly before the pandemic hit. That number went

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youtube marketing

YouTube Marketing: the Best Practices

It’s a competitive world out there for businesses. To ensure that your brand gets to command enough of a particular market segment for sustained success, you need to market aggressively. If you do not have sufficient capital to fund traditional marketing efforts,

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video making

Dominate YouTube by Starting a Channel for Your Brand

Often, when people talk about social media marketing, they mention Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But there’s another platform that marketers and entrepreneurs that need to maximize, and its YouTube. It isn’t only a video platform but also a vast social network and

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photo collage of paris

Making Photo Collages Work for You

Instagram users spend an average of 32 minutes browsing photos and stories on their smartphones. What kind of images compels them to engage and share content? The answer to that question would benefit anyone working in ecommerce photo editing services. In this article,

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